Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! (photo from 2009)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I try to keep away from politics on my social media...
That said, I am very concerned about an increasingly complex tax system that is being driven by special interests - our tax system allows multi-million dollar companies to skirt around paying taxes due to deductions and loopholes. No matter which side of the isle you are on, please join me in asking the candidates to address tax reform in the next debate by clicking on the link below (you will need to give your name, email and zipcode - but as you see, I used my middle name)

I pose the following question:
Do you support tax break loopholes for Special Interest Groups?
Special Interest tax laws result in select multi-million dollar companies paying less tax than most Americans. Will you work towards retaining or abolishing tax break laws for Special Interest Groups?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy 16th

Happy Birthday to my dear, sweet son - your kindness, dry sense of humor, deep connection with others is inspiring and endearing to all who know you.
I love you - Happy 16th!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bellevue Art Museum Potpourri Guild

I was very honored that Bellevue Art Museum Potpourri Guild asked me to to give a talk on Nuno Felt. What an talented group of women doing amazing things for art here at home and around the country!

Taking my Son to College

A fun visit with my grandson on the way to OSU

 Celebrating Tara's BirthMonth in duck territory (shhh)

OSU here we come

 I am so very proud of him, am excited for him
but will miss him!

On the Menu Last Night

On the menu last night - from the garden:
-roasted potatoes with rosemary
-tomatoes, onions, basil
-fried green tomatoes
-grilled zucchini
-roasted chicken (ok the chicken came from the store)

Our Garden

Bright splashes of color in our garden

Reading at Soul Food Coffee House

I teamed with poet Amy MacLennan at Soulfood Coffee House for Poetry Night. She read from her new poetry collection 'The Body, A Tree'. I spoke about The Creative Dance.

Art Walk

Huge thank you to LizzyKate for hosting me for the September Kirkland Art Walk - can't wait to do it again!

 She bought a scarf on Friday night and wore it out on the town Saturday night. Love seeing my work out there in the world!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kirkland Art Walk

I'll be at LizzyKate in Downtown Kirkland
I hope you can stop by!

VW Westfalias

Like Father, Like Son

First Day of School

Running (or hobbling) off to the first day of 10th grade!