Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Autumn Nuno Felt Shawl

Ultra soft Nuno Felt Shawl in an Autumn Palette
In my Etsy shop

Monday, November 23, 2015

Nuno Felt Workshop


Nuno Felt Workshop at Kirkland Art Center
Register HERE for a Special Package of Goodies!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

In the Spirit!

My son is in the spirit! He set up the Christmas tree and strung the lights... then tackled outside decorations!

Now he is downloading Christmas music scores for sax ensembles!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Scarf versus New Dress

She decided to accessorize with a new scarf (rather than buy a new dress) for a formal event.
Bonus - a colorful addition to her wardrobe dressed up or down!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Felting up a Storm


Felting despite power outages!
Teal and Olive Nunofelt Butterfly Shawl - worn in different ways
See more nunofelt pieces:
Gallery of Fiber Art (and in my Etsy Shop)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Power of Empathy

Drinking coffee laced with cardamom and rose water, my thoughts are with the women / mothers in war ravaged areas of the Middle East - how keeping their families safe must consume their every thought and every action. The simple act, that we take for granted, of getting together with other women to drink coffee, be creative, discuss any topic of interest... Is simply a far away dream... or quite possibly a dream of a dream.

My belief is that our collective goodwill and positive thoughts and empathy and deep kindness can give these women hope, courage, strength and vision to enact great change. From woman to woman, I am sending out my thoughts, prayers, energy to the women in the Middle East, because I believe we have the power to make the world a safer, kinder place.


Hand delivered this painting to the wonderful gal who also bought this scarf and owns this house... think purple makes her happy??!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Serendipity and a Good Friend

Serendipity - a dear friend stopped by this morning and happened to see my mountain of clothes just recently purged from my closet. Voila! My beloved colors are going into someone else's closet - and they look FABULOUS on her!

Here is the interesting bit: as she was leaving we realized it was 3 years to the day when she came running over, in answer to my cry for help, donning cleaning gloves and buckets of bleach to help me purge the remnants of the horrible intruder who broke into our home.

3 years later - what an entirely different outlook. We reminded each other that when things seem overwhelming and life catches us in a downward spiral - that we always need to hold onto hope.
Because the spiral always turns around if we give ourselves time and surround ourselves with loving friends!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bead Soup Collection - a few boxes left


A batch of Bead Soups have been served up in my Etsy Shop!
Come by for a taste!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Nuno Felt Scarf - Autumn Collage

I'm rather liking these colors surrounded by the turning leaves in my garden
and loving the colors on my girlfriend!

Color Grid

This painting just sold off the wall at Chainline Brewery (a fellow giving it to his wife for Christmas - isn't that sweet?!)! Taking my hubby out to dinner to celebrate, it has been a long time since he and I splurged and ate dinner out - it is going to be my treat! What a day...

First day of Driver's Ed!


Foggy Highway

Amazing light the other day while driving on the freeway in a rain storm with wisps of fog rising above the road.
photo taken by my son on my cell phone (then I did a bit of digital enhancement)

Getting Rid of Stuff - Day 3

In throwing out the old, I'm keeping my eye open for fabrics I can repurpose. Here is a pile I am going to use in my nuno felt! (thanks for the idea Adrienne Wood!)

Day 3: worked through another 18" of closet space, this time in a section that I actually wear a lot

Accomplishment: kept 10, threw out 5

Elapsed time: 10 minutes

Revelation: knowing discarded clothes are going to good use (like an appreciative recipient, or my art!) makes it easier to let go of some of the pieces!

How about you - when you discard clothes (or anything), does it help if you know where it will go?

Getting Rid of Stuff - Day 2

Don't let the colorful display fool you. Though it might look pretty, my closet is dysfunctional... I see blouses in here from 20 years ago! (And 30 pounds ago) yikes! Why in the world am I keeping things in here that 'might' fit when I go back down to my pre-babies, young body size 4?? Actually looking at them is rather depressing... I'm going to be ruthless in cleaning this out!

Day 2: Not much time today. Set my alarm and tackled about 1 linear foot of blouses

Accomplishment: kept 7, threw out 8

Elapsed time: 10 minutes

Revelation: I'm celebrating my body here and now and only keeping things that make me feel great! (If I alter my weight, I'll buy new clothes!)
How about you - are you keeping things in your closet that 'might' fit someday?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Getting Rid of Stuff - Day 1

When an avalanche of clothes fell on me while trying to extricate a pair of jeans from my closet I knew it was time.

Day 1:
Tackled pants and skirts
Tried every one on and tossed: 1) doesn't fit; 2) out of style; 3) doesn't look good; 4) don't love
Proud to box up 14 pants and 5 skirts to go to charity
Elapsed time: 25 minutes