Friday, November 6, 2015

Getting Rid of Stuff - Day 2

Don't let the colorful display fool you. Though it might look pretty, my closet is dysfunctional... I see blouses in here from 20 years ago! (And 30 pounds ago) yikes! Why in the world am I keeping things in here that 'might' fit when I go back down to my pre-babies, young body size 4?? Actually looking at them is rather depressing... I'm going to be ruthless in cleaning this out!

Day 2: Not much time today. Set my alarm and tackled about 1 linear foot of blouses

Accomplishment: kept 7, threw out 8

Elapsed time: 10 minutes

Revelation: I'm celebrating my body here and now and only keeping things that make me feel great! (If I alter my weight, I'll buy new clothes!)
How about you - are you keeping things in your closet that 'might' fit someday?

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