Thursday, November 12, 2015

Serendipity and a Good Friend

Serendipity - a dear friend stopped by this morning and happened to see my mountain of clothes just recently purged from my closet. Voila! My beloved colors are going into someone else's closet - and they look FABULOUS on her!

Here is the interesting bit: as she was leaving we realized it was 3 years to the day when she came running over, in answer to my cry for help, donning cleaning gloves and buckets of bleach to help me purge the remnants of the horrible intruder who broke into our home.

3 years later - what an entirely different outlook. We reminded each other that when things seem overwhelming and life catches us in a downward spiral - that we always need to hold onto hope.
Because the spiral always turns around if we give ourselves time and surround ourselves with loving friends!

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