Sunday, January 10, 2010

I sat in a meeting

for the neighborhood we just joined...

sandwiched between people so upset and polarized that lawsuits and threats of lawsuits were being flung around like party favors.

Turns out, a neighbor did not follow the rules. Now don't get me wrong - I do not condone his actions, shame on him. However, on the other side of me sat a man who actually said "I am not threatening anyone with a lawsuit. I am simply saying that if you [board members] do not pursue a lawsuit against this individual, then I will be forced to sue the individual members of the board." Did I hear him right? Aaaaagh - these are all people who have come to this beautiful island to relax, rejuvenate, retire...

What is happening to us
...that we have forgotten our priorities?
...that we don't take responsibility for our actions and words?
...that we make the choice to disregard rules so we can benefit at the expense of our neighbors?
...that we are so quick to bring lawsuits against others?
...that we threaten perfectly innocent volunteering members of a board with lawsuits if they don't vote in a particular way?
...that anyone remains on the board after those threats?
...that I sat there, for 5 hours, trying desperately not to take sides or create any enemies?

Shame on us all.


  1. oh my...what a pickle of a jar to be sandwiched in. it is refreshing to hear how you brought a bit of sweetness (and a sense of neutrality) to counter the acidity of what appears to be a very sour bunch. Hopefully, there are more snappy ones with your good taste. Pickle on rye, anyone?

  2. 5 Hours! I feel breathless at the thought.

  3. Sounds like a disheartening day. I've done some time in a strata village - it can be stressful for everyone! Maybe some of your neighbors need a good hobby to bring in some Zen?

  4. Oh boy. I bought a summer house at a lake in PA and it is in gated community. If I knew then what I know now maybe I wouldn't have bought the house. I LOVE my house and I love the lake but I swear the people there are nuts. They are the same way – always threading lawsuits, very negative and so cliquish. There are 900 different committees – no one communicates and every one points fingers. Our board meetings are shouting matches. I am considering moving there full time but am a bit afraid. I try to ignore it all but that is not easy.

  5. Oh Beverly you are so right. What did happen with some of us...? All the others will appriciate having you on there board because you are one of the most warm creative people I've met whom I know will come bring some sense into this group.
    Hang in there and keep your light shining my friend.