Friday, October 1, 2010

Beaded Colorways - 2nd Printing

Thank you dear readers for your e-mails and reviews of
Beaded Colorways
I appreciate how much time and effort it takes to let me (and the world!) know how feel - your words warm my heart!

So as a THANK YOU for spreading the word and acting as the very best marketing agents a girl could hope for...

Everyone who has written an Amazon Review by October 15* will be entered to win a colorful package including:

3 of your favorite bead soups from my Bead Soup Collection

EYE FOR COLOR - Full System
Interchangeable Templates and Color Wheel System
Includes Saturated, Pastel, Warm and Cool Earthtone Color Wheel sets
6 Color Wheels in total!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

p.s. *Did you know you don't have to buy Beaded Colorways from Amazon to write an Amazon Review?!


  1. Congratualations! How exciting. I have been playing with color a lot and learn as I go. Photography helps me "see."

  2. Congratulations, I love my copy and I'm not even a bead person. I wrote my reveiw too.

  3. What a great giveaway. I bought my copy earlier this year and love it. Will be happy to write a review.


  4. Oops Amazon aren't letting me write a review as I haven't bought a book from them in a while..oh well it was worth a try!


  5. I LOVE this book, and refer to it often. I've written my review - three thumbs up! :0)

  6. I purchased this book over the summer and it has been a tremendous inspiration! Happy to hear it's going into print again. I think it's a must for every beader's library! I just posted my review on Amazon!!!!