Saturday, December 11, 2010

Photo Collage

Have fun creating these monochromatic photo collages - instructions in my December newsletter.

Also news on upcoming events and some yummy recipes - perfect for holiday entertaining!


  1. Znowu widzę te piękne chabrowe szkiełka. Ja zawsze je zbieram w polskim Bałtyku. U nas są tyko zielone, brązowe i białe. Mało produkuje się butelek niebieskich. Choć ja takie właśnie zbieram i mam kilka w swoim domu.

  2. Holy crap how did you do the mosaic. I'm always struggeling making one. Give me all your whites....they are the best.
    Have fun creating my friend.
    Hugs D.

  3. I couldn't POSSIBLY pick a favorite one! These are gorgeous. The colors are radiant and the collages are so professional looking!

  4. What nice color and form plays in your collages!

  5. Of course, I'm drawn to the blue collage. I wouldn't have thought there were so many blues in the photo of the building. I tend to just think of a singular, blue "thing," and not the shade that you get from lighting. Very nice.