Monday, February 14, 2011

New Colorways!

I've brewed up some new Bead Soup Collection colorways with names like: Spring Garden, Tequila Sunrise, Mermaid, Cherry Cordial... and so many more!

So many new items in my on-line store:
And read more in my latest Newsletter!

Come visit!!


  1. I am drooling...and trying to decide!

  2. just been reading about your plans for an e course on colour. I am really looking forward to this!

  3. those new soups are KILLER!!! FA-BU-LO-SO!!! Lichen...Mermaid...Blackberry...Spring Garden...Tequila Sunrise...Rose Petal...they are even more gorgeous sitting here in front of me...thank you for being so in love with color and sharing your vast creative talents with those of us who can only least you provide us with the ability to make beautiful, colorful works or art...even if we are color challenged...pam

  4. Ha! New write I read New flyways....yeaaaa still over the moon you're coming over. ALL of you. Michel was trilled too and we are already making plans for you guys. So bring out all the NEW you've got my friend.
    Wonderful hugs Dagmar