Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Thanks to starts from the old fashioned lilac in my parents yard, to exotic varieties picked up at the Hulda Klager lilac gardens, our garden is awash with fragrance!

p.s. and thanks to my boys for planting them while I dive into preparations for the Bead & Button Show!


  1. I loved the fragrance of Lilacs drifting in my open bedroom window at night. It is a fond memory from my childhood. Here in Atlanta it is too hot for the bushes to survive. I'm envious!

  2. Widzę, że bzy u Ciebie kwitną tak samo jak w Polsce. Lubię oglądać ich kwiaty jednak zapach mnie przeraża.

  3. I LOOOVE lilacs. I miss the fragrance...but, I'm settling for the honeysuckle that wafts up to my third floor landing... dreamy scents meant to inspire!

  4. So finally they're out aren't they. Go love them girl every bit you possible can before you hit rockbottom working and working.
    Take the scent with ya so you get extra power.
    Love from me.

    OHHHH and THANK you the box arrived. All my goodies were still intact. M. complaining about the fact I really made it send out to me....grrrr guys. Will they ever understand how a girls mind/heart/soul works....pffff.
    Can't wait for you to be here.
    Hugs Dagmar

  5. mmm mmm beautiful. FLowers are such an inspiration.

  6. Beautiful pictures, color inspired!
    Eva Maria