Friday, June 17, 2011

Goodbye Bead & Button Show

The Bead & Button Show swirled past - a whirlwind of colorful people and gorgeous jewelry. There is an intensity and excitement that hangs in the air, despite overfilled schedules and exhaustion. Creativity rises like a fever, infecting teachers, students, staff, exhibitors and even passers by...

Hotels, shops and restaurants in Milwaukee can feel it too, not just because their numbers swell, but because moods and spirits do too.

Such a thrill to be a part of it, an honor to have taught for 6 years.
But my family needs me now.
So I will be staying home, finding balance.
Tilting the scale towards my kids, my husband, my home

I will miss you Bead & Button
... and Milwaukee


  1. Beverly - I'm so glad I got to meet you this year. I love, love, love the new earthtone color wheels. Thank you so much for creating them. Enjoy your family time!

  2. Beverly – that sounds so final, will you not be teaching at the Bead&Button show any longer?

  3. Time to make plans for us too...only three more weeks and You fly into my arms (AGAIN).
    Love to hear you had fun in Mil.
    Hugs d.