Thursday, May 3, 2012

ColorQueens Spring Journal 2012 - last free issue!

Margie Deeb and I have published the Spring 2012 Ask the ColorQueens Journal (downloadable PDF) based on your questions and some color inspiration we just couldn't wait to share with you!

And we have a special surprise for you this time:
A color-centric interview with colorist extraordinaire, Jamie Cloud Eakin. Read how Jamie approaches harmonizing hues with gemstones to create her stunning palettes. 
This 15-page issue is full of colorful discussions, diagrams and photos that will inspire you in your own work. You'll learn different approaches to combining color as well as special techniques that will help you work through challenging color predicaments.
This issue is our last free issue (the Fall 2012 issue will be a $1.99 download).
Ask the ColorQueens Journal is not exclusive to beading and jewelry. Together, Margie and I have extensive backgrounds in painting, photography, textiles, graphic and jewelry design, so it covers color questions of all kinds.

Join us in our color extravaganza... and please forward this to everyone you know who loves color!


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