Friday, June 15, 2012

Color Inspiration - Seaglass on Picnic Table

Can you guess what's on my mind? Beach, summer, sun... we don't ever get tired of filling bowls and shells with sea glass and other treasures (and yes, we've found all this glass)!

Bright sunshine on the glass makes this palette more saturated than the prior palette, the blue and taupey brown adding depth and a cool loveliness.

Does one of these Seaglass palettes call to you more than the other?


  1. Beautiful, beautiful sea glass in my fave colours - you blog always makes me speechless Beverly, with how gorgeous the colours are.

  2. Both gorgeous! Today, this one's my favourite. I love the taupe and blue intensity along with the soft greens - feels much richer yet still 'essence of the beach'. But who knows how I'll feel tomorrow?! The other one is so lovely and gentle...