Thursday, October 18, 2012

Color Inspiration - Seaglass and Paint

I use manilla folders for my paint palettes, then when they are heavy with paint, put them back in the file cabinet - such cheerful homes for future files. This one was drying on my table next to a bowl of deep cobalt beach glass. I thought the combo was too gorgeous to pass up!


  1. I love that you keep them for filing! Way to make a mundane chore a happy one :)

  2. Those colours look summery warm and cool at the same time, as I look out my window and see the snow falling! I still don't know how you create these palates and colour combinations.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      I create a template in Photoshop, then pick and manipulate colors until I like the palette and drop the colors into the template. Then I adjust the size of each color segment to represent the proportional relationship of color in the palette. Finally I create a new file and layer original photo, color strip and a color wheel relationship that best fits the palette from my Eye For Color files.