Saturday, May 18, 2013

My New eBook - Sneak Peek at the Cover

Artful Color for Creative Projects
Inspirational Color Palettes for Jewelry, Fiber & Mixed Media Artists

Dive into a world of color with luscious photography, expansive color palettes and inspirational works of art. Beverly Ash Gilbert turns her images of everyday scenes into stunning new color palettes bursting with depth and movement, and shows you how to use the colors in your next creative project. Her playful approach will gently guide your eye beyond the most dominant colors of a scene to the subtle nuances that can turn an ordinary color palette into an extraordinary one.

Learn how to use a color wheel to enhance your palettes and discover how transitional colors can help pull the entire composition together. Beverly’s colorful artwork in a variety of mediums helps illustrate how the unexpected or tiny splash of color can make an entire piece come alive.

Artful Color for Creative Projects will not only inspire you with color, and give you numerous new color palettes to play with, but will also teach you how to add depth and movement into your own artwork... no matter the medium.

Details coming soon...


  1. This book sounds wonderful! I really need to get more into color.

  2. Wow, can#t hardly wait. I stay tuned. Have a great Sunday, Inge

  3. Can't soon? Hope it will make great summer reading.