Saturday, August 22, 2015

Color Challenge for a Mother of the Bride

Having fun with a color challenge!
A Mother-of-the-Bride approached me with a dilemma - her daughter's wedding was to be in soft, spring colors of coral and aqua:

However she feels washed out in these pale colors and prefers the deeper autumn colors of terracotta, teal and red:

As Mother of the Bride, she is planning to wear a neutral dress in champagne and is accessorizing with various shades of coral, a bit deeper than her daughter's colors. To tie it all together, I created a nuno felt shawl using both the pale and deep versions of the colors with some in-between shades that help transition between the spring and autumn tones:

The result is a shawl that goes with the bride's colors but is something my client feels good in and will wear with other outfits (turns out it also looks delicious as a table runner in her dining room!):

Bonus, the back side focuses on all of the colors she loves, including purple, which coincidentally picks up the exact shade in a tie her hubby just purchased!

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