Thursday, April 28, 2016

College Tour to Bozeman MT

 Amazing old railroad car diner - a breakfast stop in Spokane en route to Montana State University in Bozeman. Franks Diner - as delicious as it is picturesque

  Spokane Falls From under the bridge

 A mandatory stop in Spokane at Craven Coffee roasting plant (Morgan's favorite coffee roaster!)

 Big beautiful skies and snow covered mountains outside of Missoula MT

 Stunning views along the entire drive through Montana. This is just east of Butte.

While the guys are up hiking in the snow, I'm checking out Main Street Bozeman. Beautiful art galleries, healthful restaurants and very very friendly people! 

 Literally Mountain hikes from Main Street! This building is the Bozeman Public Library.

The view within a 10 minute (slow, photo taking speed) walk out of town... More mountains on the other side, give me another 5 minutes for an entirely different view to the mountain range bordering the southern edge of Bozeman. 

Shooting into the sun with dark clouds hovering over the mountains... But still a magnificent view. From this hill above Bozeman I have a 360 degree view of mountains. Beyond breathtaking! 

On the MSU campus with, yes, mountains all around 

The boys went hiking and ended up in lots of snow. Here is a photo of Jerry (taken by Morgan). 

And a photo of Morgan taken by Jerry. 

Good bye Montana! Hello Idaho! 

We traveled over 6 passes today including blizzard, rain, ice and now home to rain, wind, power outages! What a day for traveling 

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