Monday, March 13, 2017

Celebrating All People

For the record... this girl celebrates the bonds of friendship and commerce that weave through all countries around the world, the sharing of talents, creativity, good will, kindness and goods that transcends borders. In fact, this morning I am eating an avocado from Mexico, and drinking a mug (hand painted in Italy) of coffee whose beans were harvested in Sumatra. I buy hand dyed silk from a woman in Australia and dyed wool from a woman in Czechoslovakia. In turn my books, fiber art and paintings travel the world - my painted girls advertise a spa in Germany and adorn a garden wall (as a mosaic) in South Australia. I have a dear friend from the Netherlands, another from South Africa, and yet another whose husband is from China... oh did I mention Mom is Canadian. I celebrate all people, all countries, all belief systems, all backgrounds.

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