Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn Festival in 2 weeks!

Wanderlust Bracelet
Monday October 5

Looking forward to a creative explosion in my barn with a small group of gals, lots of beads, food and wine!

Beads on Metal
Tuesday, October 6

Thursday, Oct. 8

Wander with Color
Friday - Saturday, Oct. 9-10


  1. Taking my first class from you!!...and so looking forward to pushing beyond my own creative boundaries...too often constrained within the parameters of a computer screen. I think I'll call it my 'break out' fest.

  2. If only I could....Oh and congrats with B (sorry it was the day before yesterday and I fogot to send you a mail). Give him my hugs.
    And Happy Barn Times.

  3. Just to say you how your gorgeous coloful jewelry make my days. Thank you.


  4. Sounds like a great time, wish I could be there. Beautiful pieces!

  5. Droolworthy images. A workshop with you would be divine.

  6. Oh, if only!!! Every single class looks delicious! I am unashamedly envious of those who will be there. I do wish you all a lovely, creative, wellspring-filling time though... and look forward to seeing some of the treasures that come out of it.

  7. oh such beautiful beautiful work. you are so inspiring to me. i am determined to one day be in one of your classes...i just would be happy to sit and watch you create...

  8. Beverly...your Wanderlust Bracelet class was such a blast. What a fun group of gals. I am continuing to add to mine...and am thinking it might expand into a necklace...Anyway, thank you SO much for sharing your barn and your creative gifts.