Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inspiration come full circle

Deborah Younglao has long inspired me with her stunning silk painting. Some of her work focuses on abstract color play while other pieces are deeply intricate - and all unbelievably painted with wax and dyes. These newest pieces by Deborah were actually inspired by my photos! Take a peek at her process.

And for fun, whimsical, colorful art-to-wear, I am in love with Arlene Watson's nuno-felting. I am bound and determined to take a class from her, even if I have to drag her up to the Pacific NW and gather together a group... maybe in my new beach house?! Turns out, Arlene has made a fabulous nuno-felt bolster pillow inspired by my cornflower picture. You can see it amongst the other gorgeous felt treasures in her etsy shop!

The real beauty of blogs of course is YOU - my wonderful friends, who inspire me on a daily basis with your photography, writing, artwork, insights and close community. It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside to find out that I too have contributed to the stream of inspiration that flows between us all!


  1. Beverly,
    Love this post, and not just because you talk about my work, but to be in such talented company as Deborah Younglao. Her silk painting is divine. But then she had wonderful photos to inspire her, just as I did!
    Thanks, Arlene

  2. Thanks for posting my paintings Beverly! I did enjoy doing them and am very pleased with the result. As Arlene says, we had great inspiration. And thank you Arlene for the compliment - going to check out more of your work.

    Re the "you might also like" - it's a cool tool isn't it? Just click on LinkWithin below the images to go to that website. It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up for the widget, and they tell you how to add it to your blog.

  3. How wonderful that you've posted Deborah's and Arlene's art...I love that, the full circle you describe. I too find such inspiration among us all here!

  4. Great to hear you've been inspired by all these wonderful bloggers. What goes around comes around my dear friend. So you see,...wrap it as a blanket. Love Dagmar
    ps. thanks for your uplifting words again and again. Makes me feel better and better.

  5. Your photos are indeed beautiful and it's wonderful to see art inspired by art! Nice job. Coming to San Diego wouldn't be all bad either.....

  6. I like Marcia's suggestion of you coming here!
    I will plan a class when you can make it.
    Think about it.

  7. How very, very cool!!! And may I just say that you inspire me all the time... beauty inspires and your space is full of colourful, textured and heartfelt beauty - the very bestest kind!

  8. Bev...I'm convinced I need a new lens for my camera - and YOUR eye for capturing nature's palette so beautifully. I so love inspiration on makes my heart feel more open.

  9. There is such a wonderful quality about these photos and your work. Thank you for helping to inspire me.