Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn out my window

1 - Looking out the barn
2 - Cork tree
3 - Mountain Ash
4 - Sumac
5 - Chinese Lantern
6 - Sumac
7 - Blueberry
8 - Stewartia
9 - Lichen on Stewartia
10 - Spirea
11 - Kale
12 - Kale with a friend
13 - Kale


  1. Love these colors. They are totaly ME. So keep sending out those wonderful warm fall pictures.

  2. Ooohhhh, the COLOR! Beautiful, lucious, vibrant! I'm swooning from this gorgeous color fix! Beautiful captures! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Fall is definitely here. Great pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog

  4. Beautiful colors, and I love the perspective on these!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Makes me love fall even more!!!

  6. That's why I love fall!!! Thanks for the gorgeous display....and checking out my blog. That cup o' Jo is waiting...

  7. These photos are just amazing - so beautiful - you must have some garden!

  8. Beautiful! I love the chinese lantern - I'll have to look for it at the nursery - it obviously grows happily in our area :)

  9. I'm so jealous of your lovely fall colors. We had an early, and vicious, cold snap a couple of weeks ago. All of our vines just went pffft. Most of the leaves are out of our trees as well. *sigh*
    On a side note, have you heard of I really, really think some of your gorgeous beading belongs on there!

  10. Amazing photos! It's so nice to have these warm colors around us as the weather starts to get cold.

  11. Just beautiful photographs, as ever. And the view out of the window brings back noce memories!

    I know you used to have information on the blog about which camera you use but I'm guessing you moved it. Which make and model do you use?

  12. Oh my heart goes pitter patter... Autumn is SO my season! These photographs are just beautiful Beverly. Beautiful!!!

  13. I feel such a joy every time I visit your blog. The colors... and the photos.. So beautiful!