Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whirlwind of colorful beads and women

Beachcomber Pendant by Betty
(using Hydrangea Bead Soup)

Beads on Metal Pendant by Adrienne
(using Autumn Leaves Bead Soup)

Wander with Color Necklace by Adrienne
(using Grass, Spring Rain, Deep Teal, Dark Chocolate, Olive Grove Bead Soups)

Wander with Color Bracelet by Kerstin
(using Dark Chocolate, Grass, Tropical Punch, Fuchsia Bead Soups)

Beachcomber Pendant by Dini
(using Twilight Bead Soup enhanced by Dini)

Start of Wanderlust Bracelet by Joie
(using Spring Rain Bead Soup)

It all began with Adrienne from Wales... Our conversations last winter snowballed into an Autumn Festival with 5 days of classes, food and wine and even a bit of massage on the last day.

What amazing, creative, fun women! Some came for a day, others for the whole week, all were a joy to have in my home.

Colorful, prolific Dini joined in for all 5 days!

Turns out Carol lives in my home town right next to my old high school!

We beaded in the 'barn'

and ate downstairs - Kristi and Pam from Bellingham Washington, Adrienne from Wales, Dini from southern Oregon, Betty from North Carolina, Carol from Gig Harbor.

Dini and Joie (co-publisher of EYE FOR COLOR, did I mention college roomie and dear friend?)

The 'gang' from Tacoma - Jacquie, Candace, Lynda Janeen - friends for decades (we heard lots of good stories)

Kerstin from Bellingham joined for the weekend - so good to meet her in person after long admiring her amazing photography. See her photos from the workshops here.

I didn't capture a photo of Charron from Winnepeg - she hopped out early to travel up to Vancouver for Canadian Thanksgiving.


  1. Beverly, you certainly know how to put on a great event : the barn was so cozy, the workshop was fun and creative, you and the gals and all of the colorful pieces were inspiring, and your food and wine were simply divine. I now have something new that I can take with me...thanks again for a great day.

  2. Looks so great! Any chance of organising one of your workshops closer to where i live? ;)

  3. Yeehaaa, the barn changed. Were is my cozy couch? Looks you all had tons of fun and great experiance to be under the warm blanket of Beverly's great B&B ;-) and tender care.
    Sorry I' couldn't make it....(although the better for you, I'll eat all the chocolat, just play with the kids and do other fun stuf exept beading, wich I'm a total clumps in). Great to have you back in blogworld Beverly.

  4. When I saw that Adrienne was going to hang with you I was so jealous! (I actually belong to a couple of yahoo groups with her, so I *know* she's doing amazing things while she's here!)
    But to see your crafty/beading space? Oh, my! It looks unbearably cozy. Someday.... :)

  5. Wow! What a surprise to see myself on your blog! I knew you'd taken photos of the work, but didn't realise you'd captured the participants too.

    I had a fabulous few days, and really enjoyed the classes, you are abgood teacher and great hostess.

    The beads on metal bracelet I finished has had many compliments over the last week. Carol's beads on metal piece has also had many favourable comments.

    Many of my UK friends would like you to come and teach in the UK (we could guarantee full classes LOL). I hope teaching all week, and catering at gourmet level for all your students wasn't too exhausting....

  6. OK.....I must somehow learn your technique for beads on metal. Even before I visited you here today, I had visions of mixing beads into my neck pieces, like the one I did for my show. For three years I made beaded necklaces, not nearly as magical as what you are doing, but I still have quite a bead collection and must use them......soon.

    Your work is so stunning!

  7. What great fun that must have been. Your barn is certainly fancier than mine.

  8. This looks like so much fun, Beverly! Any chance you'll be coming to Beijing to teach a class? I dare day that it's about time for me to enroll in one based on all the lovely things these ladies have produced. Great cover shot of you, by the way, looking beautiful as ever. Miss you!

  9. Hi Beverley
    love the photos and Adriennes idea of you coming to the uk to teach,

  10. Your photos came out great and you have really captured the spirit! Thanks again for a wonderful weekend and yummy soups, in all senses! Kxo

  11. Looks like a wonderful workshop - I love the photos and that barn is amazing - such a warm lovely space. I wish I was there.