Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back home

After a wonderful week at Adorn Me!, gorgeous sunrises welcomed me home.

In that precious light of morning, my 12 year old son and I raced down to the beach and passed the camera back and forth. So fun to share a passion!

Photos 4,5 and 6 taken by MLG


  1. wow Beverly you sure know your way around that camera! And how great that your son is following in your footsteps.

  2. Incredible island colors!!!! Love that MLG is taking on his mother's creative expression! Just think if we had started at that age!!!

    Keep adorning us with your images...'kay?

  3. Amazing. Just one of the most amazing things, ever.
    I can't even imagine facing that every morning.... And, you have a 12y/o that is *voluntarily* up that early in the morning?!? Holy buckets! I thought all 'teens' slept till noon! :)
    Shoot, I think I was counting on it! :D

  4. Only people that appreciate the splender of nature should live near the water. How many people just go along their way and never stop to actually see a sunset or sunrise. How many can take just the picture to show popping color, even in such a simple setting as a guitar player strumming on the porch.

    I hope you saw a previous comment I left while you were away about receiving your latest book. I cannot believe that I FINALLY have found the avenue that explains color in a way that I can understand. You just don't know how much you are appreciated.
    Sincerely, Carol

  5. Fantastic photos. I love the one of your son. Making memories togehter.


  6. I have loved your photos for so long, and I see in your sidebars how you've really researched camera equipment and techniques. The thought occurred to me: you should teach a photography course for artists and bloggers! It really is a skill to get good photos of your art to post online, and you've definitely mastered it.

  7. beautiful! And how nice to share an art with your son. My mom and I are the same with photography when we're together. We could spend all day wandering around Door County Wisconsin taking pictures.

  8. These photos soothe the soul and touch the heart. Beautiful work!