Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring in my garden

So much color and texture
in every single blossom
How does nature do it?


  1. So beautiful!! Is the moss covering a rock or a statue of some kind? Looks like a face, maybe a dog or fox or ??? I have some yellow crocus but that's all and supposed to have more snow this Saturday. *sigh* I'm soooooo tired of winter and have serious spring fever. By the time spring gets here the mood is almost gone--lol--have fun in the garden. CJ

  2. So beautiful. I think I love Spring flowers the best! They are so lovely after the drab winter!
    Thanks for the inspiring photos. They make me want to get out all my spring fabrics and beads!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! You've truly captured the feeling and light of this much-welcomed season. Hugs, Terri

  4. Gah. I wish spring would show her face around here... it's all still very gray/brown/muddy looking. Even the trees haven't started to bud yet.
    And I hear we're in for another storm. *sigh*

  5. you mean all this is really happening in your yard right now? these aren't photos from the discovery channel or something? because, we are in the middle of a whiteout blizzard right sign of global warmaing here....
    thanks for the breath of fresh spring air!

  6. Some of these are like little secrets only just ready to be shared. My garden is just starting to show signs of spring but we keep getting frosts, so hopefully the delicate buds will survive. Your photos are as beautiful as ever and make me feel quite excited about the oncoming seasons.
    Kristin :)

  7. What stunning photos - your pictures are very inspiring for my beadwork!

    As I am in Australia we have just crossed over into Autumn. I always look forward to the start of Spring and the gorgeous flowers blossoming as the weather warms up.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos ♥


  8. oh I needed this! so lovely! and how lucky to have spring arrive so early and with such beauty. enjoy your weekend!

  9. Nice to know there are other artistic skiers out there.

    Beautiful photos, Beverly!!!

  10. the light in these photos is just mesmerizing!

  11. These are beautiful!! It is so nice to see Spring is blooming somewhere.

  12. Your photos are always beautiful, but the flowers!! Magnificent! Makes me want to lean over and take a little sniff, and touch a soft petal.