Friday, July 8, 2011

Sample post from blogpress

Summer fun at our island home

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Location:Whidbey Island


  1. I finally began posting from my iPad last week. Blogpress works great.

    If you want higher resolution of photos, use flickr. Flickr stores your data at a higher resolution than the default album that blogpress uses. You can go to settings in blogpress and add flickr as the album you want to save your photos to.

    Click on the photo while you are in "write" mode on blogpress and you can change the photo size as well. I use a width of 650 and the height will automatically adjust proportionally.

    You may already know all of this, but it took me several hours for me to figure it out.

  2. oooh - a new toy!!
    Love that Mt. shot! Enjoy your time with Dagmar!!