Friday, December 2, 2011

Maggie Roschyk on Color Inspiration

So excited to see one of my EYE FOR COLOR color wheels inside Maggie Roschyk's new book:
Artistic Seed Bead Jewelry

She includes lots of color, texture and design inspiration and a very wide range of beadweaving projects. A couple of my fav bits of advise she doles out are:

-"Get yourself a blank book, a pocket folder, or clear sleeves in a binder, and begin to fill your file with images and sketches of things you find interesting" (she's been doing so for over 20 years)!

- Upon being asked how she makes color and bead choices "Play around... until you find something pleasing."

I can't agree more!

p.s. look for my Warm Earthtone color wheel on page 18!

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