Wednesday, December 14, 2011

White on White (another Blog Hop day)

What is white really
A hint of color peeping through a veil
Often overlooked, overshadowed
But even white has life
in it's shadows

Learn how to enhance your own lovely palettes with
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Details on the GIVE AWAY here!

The best part is, you can also head over to these lovely artists and comment on their posts to win GIVE AWAYS from their blogs:

Valerie Hebert @ Val's Art Studio Blog here
Jeannette Cook @ Beady Eyed Women here
Carol Dean Sharp @ Sand Fibers here
Marcia DeCoster @ MadDesigns here
Cynthia Deis @ Shiny Little Things here
Lori Anderson @ Pretty Things here

p.s. There will be a winner for each day I post up through December 14, so comment each day for a chance to win!

p.p.s. The winners will be announced on December 15!


  1. More gorgeous photos.... and I absolutely adore that bracelet!

  2. I really enjoy seeing through your eyes. I guess we all see differently, but I like your visions. Your color sense is intriguing. And your generosity is heartwarming.Thank you for being part of this blog hop.

  3. Your photos and sense of style and color are inspiring! Thank you!

  4. Amazing pictures- beautiful jewelry- so many shades of white!

  5. I have loved looking at the world through your eyes! I own one of your books but never really appreciated it until this week. Thank you for your creativity and amazing inspiration.

  6. What an elegant post. I love the whites, and you captured them perfectly.

  7. I am grateful to the Blog Hop for leading me to your blog! I enjoy every post. I hope you have plans to come back to Creative Castle in 2012.

  8. Finding your blog as part of the blog hop has been a wonder! Beautiful pictures and lovely jewellery.

  9. Just bought your book from amazon. I couldn't resist their special offer on it. Looking forward to getting it :)

  10. I'm glad I've discovered your blog, so much inspiration with colors. Thank you.
    Even if the give-away is over, I will continue reading your blogposts.

  11. such subtle images today - gorgeous, and I really love the swan group, such vibrant beaks against the white down.
    Barb Mahle

  12. Wonderful photos and a cool color ;-)

  13. LOL I think I said yesterday how much I love cobalt. Today I love white. Truth is every color is special. I even like orange, sometimes.

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  15. Great photos as usual. I've learned alot about photography here too this past week! Glad I found your blog! Thx again for being a participant!

  16. Hermosas fotos! todos tus libros son una inspiracion. Cada paleta de colores es espectacular! Gracias por compartir con nosotras tus conocimientos.

  17. Beautiful and calming Dad was an artist and taught me to see everything artistically.....all of these reminded me of being with him....Thanks!

  18. White is a beautiful color when presented it such photographic format;as Alaskans we do learn to love the color - let it snow,let it snow, let it snow!

  19. Interesting white-elegant jewelry.

  20. What a lovely presentation of white. Truly makes you look at it differently. Thank you so much!

  21. White is my favorite colour next to black ;). Some say it's only for weddings, but I disagree LOL. On a tanned skin it's sooo beautiful too. On any skin for that matter haha.

  22. Thank you for making me think of white differently. When I start to design something, white usually doesn't come into play.

  23. Beverly, What a wonderful, delightful artist you are...I came upon you Blog by "accident" ...altho personally, I think it was to be.
    I am also into digital art and photography, am a retired Professional portrait photographer...and I can't tell you how truly LOVELY your photo's are...especially your Hydrangea image. I am WOWED !!
    What editing programs do you use ?


    1. Thank you Rose! I use Photoshop CS4 - the Hydrangea image was screened and color burned (numerous times) with a texture background I painted.