Thursday, March 22, 2012

Value of Texture - Adding Pizazz to your Monochromatic Palette

We've all been there. Hours of work (beadweaving, painting, pulling together a room decor, or an outfit, or a collage...) But the result is dull, boring, lifeless. What's missing?

To answer this, we first need to figure out WHY it looks dull. And for most of us, this is the hardest part. If you'd like to see what I do in this situation, then come peek over my shoulder while I work my way through the steps of adding pizazz to a monochromatic palette.


  1. Wonderful insights!

    Every now and then I'll want to try a monochromatic piece, but then I'll get bored and start adding other colors to it. I'll have to try some of your suggestions and see if that changes things -- I think it will. :)

  2. This is a lovely essay. I tend to work in monochromatic palettes, and was doing instinctively a lot of what you recommended, but it's nice to have an understanding of the "why."