Saturday, November 8, 2014

Black and White Photo Challenge - Final Day

This watery reflection soothes me - as water always does. Does water calm you too? Or is it just because I grew up surrounded by it?

It is Day 5, the final day, of my participation in the Black and White Photo Challenge.  Nominated by Joie Moring, the challenge is to post a B&W photo and to nominate another person to join the challenge each day for 5 days. Today I nominate Thereza Howling who finds calm serenity all around her and a keen connection with the sea. In fact, she dips her toes into water everywhere she travels around the world explaining that all water is connected.

Thank you to Kenda-Lee Gaynham, Heike Grodecki, Dagmar Fleuren and David M. Small for playing along with the Black and White challenge!

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