Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Black and White

It is Day 2 of my Black & White Photography Challenge (challenged by my dear friend Joie Moring) and I'm posting a photo of my handsome cat who has very graciously welcomed in another cat to his domain. This is a big deal for Cat #1 who is extremely territorial, picking fights with raccoons and big dogs who stray into his declared territory... and winning!

After 2 months of carefully introducing them bit by bit, Cat #1 allowed Cat #2 to wander through our house - and I caught them curled up together on my son's bed yesterday!

The B&W photography challenge includes posting a B&W photo each day for 5 days, and nominating someone else each day to join the challenge. I am nominating Heike Grodecki, not only for her amazing photography skills, but also because she is a neighbor who quite possibly lives within the sphere of Cat #1's declared territory!

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