Friday, February 26, 2016

We're going to spaaaaace!

(a note from my son)
"We're going to spaaaaace!
Not actually, but we are launching a liquid fueled rocket that's currently being designed and built by fellow students and I. We're entered in a contest that takes place in Utah in June, but we need your help to get it there! Everything is greatly appreciated, and please share it around and let your friends know.
Thank you!"

Below are some test fires:

 Please support these Amazing High School students (my son included!) who have designed and built a rocket through an internship with Aeroject/Rocketdyne! They are the only high school team to compete in a prestigious intercollegiate competition this spring in Utah. They have set up a 'GoFundMe account to finance the fuel and materials to complete their project and take their entry to the launch. Below is a link to their 'GoFundMe' campaign - any amount of donation is greatly appreciated!


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