Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cyber Monday Sale in my Etsy Shop

Cyber Monday SALE in my Etsy Shop:
Sale on eBooks

Sale on Bead Soups

 Sale on Original Artwork

 Sale on Nuno Felt

Sale on Books

Enter 10CyberMonday2016 to receive 10% off of everything in my Etsy Shop.
Sale includes: Original Art, Books, Nuno Felt, Beads, Prints and Cards.

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  1. I am not particularly talented when it comes to crafts, so that is probably why I appreciate it in others. When I run across someone who is full of talent I enjoy the uniqueness of it. It is amazing what some people can accomplish with just ordinary items as materials.

    Lindsey @ Nosto

    1. Lindsey, Thank you for your comment! For most of my life, I also didn't think I was particularly talented artistically. But have come to realize that everyone is - in their own way and in their own time. My suggestion is to trust your eyes!

      If you see a piece of art and know that you either like it or don't like it, you are already more of an artist than you give yourself credit for!