Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We owe it to our children

I was teaching art in an elementary school today and a number of children were frightened because they were being bullied. My heart is breaking for them.

Please parents (and all grown ups) don't let politics hurt children. It is our duty to teach all children to be kind, compassionate and inclusive. If our child is mean to another - shame on us for not doing a better job demonstrating humanity.


  1. We can and do teach humanity and inclusiveness, but our grandkids are still targets. How do we protect them from harm and humiliation? A problem I can not find a solution for...

  2. I know! One of the best pieces of advise I received was to have my kids identify at least 2 adults (non family) and 2 kids that they feel comfortable confiding in. People that they can turn to when they feel vulnerable, unhappy, or frightened. When kids know that they don't have to carry the entire burden, that there is someone else who will help them through it (that won't judge them, hence the no family part), it gives them courage.