Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo Shoot

My photo-shoot with North Light Books is next week. Months have gone into preparing each beadwork piece to varying degrees of completion so that I can assemble 20 projects in their studio... in 5 days. I have already written pages and pages of instructions, descriptions, inspirations and sent it off for review - will my editors like it?

NLB marketing, sales and design teams have also been working on my book and have already designed the cover and title - will I like it? I'm nervous, excited... exhausted.

Right now, I'm packing up. Hammers, needles, beads have already been shipped. But liver of sulfur is an issue - I can't take it on the airplane, nor ship it via air (flammable solid), so I keep ordering tins from Rio Grande. Let me know if you've figured out how to take it across the country.

The photo shoot is all about my hands. Which brings me to one other little issue - mine aren't pretty. I have scars on my knuckles, my fingers are dry and cracking and my nails are short and weak. I've tried nail strengtheners, gelatin, lotions, gloves at night... nothing works. I know, I could get false ones, but that just isn't me. Oh well, hopefully my not-so-beautiful hands won't adversely affect book sales!


  1. Ooh! How exciting! Good luck and have fun. I just blogged about a book I'm in, and I also mentioned you and showed my WIP

  2. Hi Beverly --
    Being nervous is understandable -- but you'll do great. Just imagine you're teaching a class of students, and forget about your hands! Your beautiful jewelry will speak for itself.

  3. Wow - can't wait to see the book. I hope to be able to get my copy signed by the author...