Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Whidbey Island

The moment I get on the Whidbey Island Ferry, stress, anxiety, to-do lists all fall off my shoulders. The smell of the saltwater pulls at my childhood memories, I breathe deeper. The unending views of water, mountains, islands and boats sooth me - the best calming tonic around. And the cries of seagulls carry me into another time.

Whidbey time - Island time - is slower, calmer. The people seem friendlier, less frantic. Women don't wear as much make-up if any at all. I feel at home.

Brandon (8) hiking on the Ebey bluff

My husband, Jerry and I fell in love with Whidbey when our son, Morgan was not quite 1. Jerry took us for a hike on Ebey's Landing as a surprise for my birthday 10 years ago. We started on the beach, then headed up onto a farmer's field as the farmer himself waved from his combine. The trail lead onto a bluff overlooking the mouth of Puget Sound, with Vancouver Island Canada and the Straights of Juan de Fuca beyond. We were entranced and returned each August for my birthday. What started as a day hike eventually became our August camping trip at Fort Ebey.

For many years, we entertained the idea of buying property on the island and Jerry and I casually looked at real estate ads. We became more serious over the last couple of years, but dreams were constantly dashed down. 'Views' in our meager price range consisted of a peek-a-boo of water across neighboring junk piles, and 'waterfront' was usually an unbuildable lot. I slowly started to give up and last spring when Jerry wanted to rush up to see the latest listing, I declined. He and the boys went up anyway and I received a phone call a few hours later "get up here NOW!" We finally found our little piece of paradise!

Jerry marking off the property

Yes, we have a view, water access (a little road and wetlands are between us and the beach) and we back up onto an historic 500 acre farm that is now a state park with paths through the fields and woods as well as festivals, farmers markets a wine shop and yummy cafe.

I am beginning to believe that if you believe in something, work hard for it, save up for it and are patient... you will achieve it.

The sand/rocks on our beach were great inspiration for my Sandy Beach bead soup!

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