Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back in my garden again

A riot of color
A little haphazard perhaps
It's survival of the fittest out here.

I've ignored my garden for so long
flowers long forgotten stretch to the sunshine and nod their heads at me
'yes, I'm still here'
the weeds have taken over
but at least they're green.

Honeysuckle mingles with the surviving climbing roses and fills the evening and morning air with it's heady fragrance.

I once had 17 climbing roses and too many shrub roses to count. The blooms are perfection, the scent heavenly, filling bouquets. But black spot won out, only a handful of roses left - I refused to spray and our wet springs did them in. But those that survived fill my cup every spring.

Rosa Rubia naturally resistant to disease. The flowers are tiny, but I love this climber for its red stems, grey green leaves and large rose hips that feed birds all winter.


  1. You roses are so pretty. We are replanting our whole front lawn, but I'm specticle about getting roses. They are so gorgeous though.

  2. everything is so beautiful. we have voracious slugs here, i've given up trying to grow anything but primroses, foxglove, columbine & mint. but i love primroses, they are so faithful! i can only imagine how wonderful the scents in your yard must be. the flowers in the second photo from the top are stunning, what beautiful colours.

  3. welcome back! I'm soaking it all in here...the gorgeous garden, the beads and the fact that you encourage your kids to have down time. theatre in the garden is my fave. you rock.

  4. Thank you for commenting on my black and whites. I find your colorful florals scruptious, today. We are doing some landscaping and I am anxious to finally get my little garden. I don't have a green thumb, but my heart is where it needs to be:).

  5. Your garden looks lovely - it must smell great too! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. I truly believe that a garden is God's version of heaven on earth! Thank you for sharing these beautiful colors and details. Fabulous! Hugs, Terri

  7. Yay! More luscious garden photos. I do so enjoy them. I've got to second what Curious Girl said about the kids. I felt a beautiful wave of emotion go through me when I heard and saw the photos of the garden theatre. It's wonderful what you are doing with you kid and I can only wish that all kids could experience the life that you are encouraging for yours.

  8. Heavenly! I can almost smell the roses :)

  9. Oh I wanna have a dive in your garden. Never saw it in such blooming state. You've did a great job taking care of everything my friend.

  10. your garden reminds me of the one that i wanted to get married in but was not able to. i settled on another garden that was equally beatiful, but it did not have a climbing rose and that broke my heart for a few days.

    the colours you have chosen in your garden take me back to my grandmother's garden: my favourite place to play when i was little.