Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scenes of the farm

Green crops stretch to the sky, barn swallows swoop and dart across fields and in and out of the barns, shush shush shush of giant sprinkler guns break the silence. So peaceful and serene on the farm, can't help but be in touch with nature and acutely aware of the path of the sun.

The old barns, rotting beams, floors of straw, swallows nests, dust swirling in the shafts of light that seep between cracks in the boards. Broken windows frame the daylight, we squint out of eyes accustomed to darkness.

We raced down to Oregon this weekend to celebrate our daughter-in-law's graduation from the University of Oregon (a Masters in Psychology!) and to spend time with Jerry's family. His mother lives on one edge of the 500 acre farm, two of his four brothers her closest neighbors. Randal has always had farming in his blood and now lives in Grandpa Gilbert's old farm house.

Farmers work around the clock at this time of the year, but are always within sight of home, huge meals together around the kitchen table or out in the field. So much to do - everything needs water, water, water.

The younger cousins are rebuilding a lawnmower with the goal of converting it into a remote control... an older cousin blows glass in his studio after a long day working in the fields. My boys alternate between fascination with the various projects, and just playing - swinging from the rope in the barn, driving Uncle Tim's new amphibious 6-wheeler and skateboarding in Grandma's driveway. Dirt, grass pollen and bonfire smoke blend into their suntanned faces.

We slept past 7:00 am this morning - the latest in years as the pace of the country seeps in and readjusts our hurried, over-scheduled lives of school, jobs, book writing, show prep, house building. Farmers aren't sleeping much right now, but we relaxed and took in the scenes of the farm.


  1. country roads
    take me home
    to the place
    I belong

  2. i want to lie on that hammock and take in the greenness of the surroundings.

  3. I can almost hear Jerry play his guitar, with yes that famous country song (thank you Joie).
    How wonderful I finally see Jerry's home. I love it. Now I've got more on my list to visit when I'm in the States.

  4. Oh these pictures are sublime Beverly! I love the one of the trees with ladders going up into them especially. I LOVE to climb into trees and a ladder up just invites exploration...

    And that shush-shushing of the sprinklers and the dark, cool barn - so evocative. It brings to mind many, many happy hours in my childhood spent on my aunt's dairy farm. Special memories your boys will always have being made there! So pleased to hear that you are unwinding too - good for heart and soul, a farm.

  5. These are great photos; you tell a wonderful story here. I particularly love the scenes shot through the windows, and the family in the barn. A peaceful oasis...enjoy!

  6. My daughter and I watched Pride and Prejudice tonight and I was as always enchanted with the beautiful pastoral scenes. Your post was the perfect compliment to our viewing experience.

  7. Wow, what beautiful shots. That barn is gorgeous. And I really love the shots from inside the broken windows.

  8. What lovely photos. I love how you captured the farm, and the farmer boys :)
    I love the shots from inside the barn as well, and how you captured things through broken windows.
    I see a broken down farm down the hill from my house and always dream of going in and photographing it.

  9. Hi Beverly, Thank you so much for your kind words that you left on my blog today! BTW - I used my Eye For Color color wheel in the creation of a new bracelet today. Thanks again!


  10. I enjoy these shots so very much. Especially the voyeuristic shots through the window pane.
    I'll look forward to visiting again soon. Annie