Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sun Peaks beckons

as it does each year. A perfect family ski vacation!

I made a new bead soup on the eve of our trip and asked you to help name it... then I immediately disappeared into the heart of beautiful British Columbia. I hoped someone would come up with a good name while I was away (wasn't that sneaky of me?) - but never imagined I would come back to so many great ones!

How can I decide between all of those sumptuous images?! I can truly picture every name you offered (some posted on my blog, others e-mailed and some even told me in person!) as the perfect choice for this colorway.

But I have to choose one, don't I?


Arabian Nights

Thank you cjvierow and Nancy and please let me know your addresses so I can send you each a soup!

But I keep going back through all the names and I just have to follow Suzanne into

Monet's Garden

and Waterlillies

And dive down with Mel into


Thank you all for your ideas. My mind is reeling with all sorts of new possibilities!

p.s. Many of you commented that I had my dates wrong for my book signing / trunk show and class this weekend at Ben Franklin Crafts - Silly me. You are so right!

Trunk show - Saturday, Feb. 20
Wanderlust Bracelet class - Sunday, Feb. 21

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Beverly, some gorgious picture's you've taken. If you want to change career do become a photographer please. You're good at it.

    Hope you had wonderful times up in the snow with your boys. How did your knee act up? Pretty okay I hope.

    And I'm gladd you've found your name(s) for the beadsoups. Sweet hugs from us to you all.
    Bye's Dagmar

  2. Stunning photos! And the bead soups are absolutely delicious! LOVE the names! Hugs, Terri

  3. What an amazing series of photos! Hope you had a wonderful time.

  4. I love SunPeaks. My son is going up there with a friend & his family tomorrow for the weekend (Its only about an hour and a half from here).
    I really like the name Atlantis....It sounds so deep & bluey & cool & mysterious.

  5. Great images Bev. Is the amber one through your goggles?
    Oh - and I love the newly inspired bead soups. Can't wait to see what lovelies emerge from your creative hands. ;)

  6. wonderful photos - both the snow and the bead soups

  7. oh how beautiful! I've never skied... I hope to do so one day so I can take in this kind of scenery!

  8. these images actually make me feel loving toward winter. how'd you do that? they are simply gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  9. Crazy beautiful pics! Did you go to the Olympics?

  10. Beautiful photos! That one of the chair lift brings back mixed emotions - I used to ski through high school near Penticton/Kelowna and although it was fun it was COLD!

    Gorgeous beads!

  11. Thanks for the mention! I just visited my local bead store and there was your book! You should call them about doing classes -- how fun would that be? Check out Crystal Creations in West Palm Beach, FL, at http://beadsgonewild.com

    Love the ski photos. My husband just returned from Park City and a wonderful ski trip.

  12. Gorgeous photos! And I love the names for the bead soups! Congrats to the lucky winners!

  13. Stunning photos, really beautiful views! And the beads soups are as much exciting!