Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter to Spring

Such silly weather. Snow and winter everywhere else. Warm, bright sunshine in Seattle. The wild plum in our garden is a riot of bloom and coating the earth below with it's own version of snow. And oh, when that magic light just before sunset strikes the blossoms...

What a wonderful weekend at Ben Franklin Crafts in Redmond! Thank you all for coming to my trunk show / book signing and class - I am honored so many of you joined me inside on such a sunny weekend! And to Kim, Nu, Karen, Natalie, Ria and all the staff at Ben Franklin - it was a joy working with you!


  1. Hi glad the sun is our for you too. Here in Florence it is bright and sunny but very cold. Hey that is ok as long as there is sunshine. Congratulations on your book signing.


  2. As much as I tend toward the warmer side of colors...something about the pure white one really grabs me.

    And from what I saw at your trunk show, there was just as much glitter and shine inside as out! Well done Beverly...and well done Ben Franklin for filling the store and your class with enthusiastic subjects.

  3. IT'S NOT FAIR.I'm flying my but over to yourplace right now girl. Long for spring too much. Jet it won't be longI can smell it in the air. They just said we might have one last snowfront...yeak. So cross your fingers it will blow over.
    Great shots as ever. Hugs Dagmar