Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

I spent mine watching my son in sailing lessons.

While a great blue heron ('Perry') watched on and waited for handouts from fellow fishermen.

And a lost blue parakeet evaded my outstretched hands - I hope he finds his way back home.

Turns out we hit the darkest June day record which made for a very cold swim test (including capsizing and righting the boat).

My son and a buddy shivered in towels...

and were captured by a photographer from the Seattle Times...

They made it on the front page article featuring our Pacific NW weather guru: Cliff Mass!


  1. It may have been chilly, but fun. How exciting to make the paper. Sailing is lovely - a great sport.

  2. My earth tone color wheels arrived today! Can't wait to put them to good use. The screensavers are really interesting.... I had never thought of earth tones as being cool, but your photo montages are a great comparison of the warm vs. cool. Good work and I hope you sell tons of color wheels!

  3. Geezzz I can't believe how tall your oldest one is already....I miss him.

    Gladd to hear we are not alone with the bad weather...sorry you have it too....
    Warm sunny hugs ME. XOXOXO