Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Bliss

Just a quick trip
to visit family
in an idyllic spot
on Detroit Lake, Oregon

Thank you Joan and Janette for inviting us to your piece of paradise!


  1. Oh wow, it looks like home - Scotland. SO beautiful! And your boys look like they are having an amazing time. Gorgeous pictures as always, I wish I had your camera skills!

  2. What a beautiful family, and what a beautiful setting.

  3. Is it awful to be just a little bit envious? Soooo beautiful! And that big blue sky... oh how gorgeous! Looks like you had a lovely time and how exciting to be contemplating your summer break so soon. "Only two sleeps!" as my nephew would say. Will you be online occasionally too, so perhaps we'll be treated to some of your summer fun? I do hope so. Your photographs always fill me up.

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. So lovely family photo with your boys!


  5. So beautiful! And a fun time too. Next time...take me!

  6. Gosh I miss you all lots. And the boys grew like sprouts....man they got tall. Can't wait to cuddle with them.

    Your eye is so wonderful to capture all these beauties. Jesse and Mac wondered if we will be out on that lake next summer....? Let's cross our fingers.

    Have fun playing around.
    Hugs Dagmar