Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ask the ColorQueens Autumn 2012 Issue

Hot off the press!

Margie Deeb and I have published our Ask the ColorQueens Autumn 2012 Color Journal and can't wait to share 20 pages worth of color inspiration with you!

This issue features interviews with 5 Fiber Artists each with a unique and approach to color. Margie and I have included 10 color palettes to help get your creative juices flowing!



  1. What a color feast for the eyes this issue is! I'm so honored to have my silk art included. You and Margie described my use of color in ways that I never even thought of as I was painting... you gave me a more in-depth perspective on my own work!

    I've long been a fan of Arlene's colorful and textural pieces and enjoyed being introduced to Linda, Gail and Maggie's work.

    The color analysis of our different styles of art is really helpful. Thank you Beverly and Margie!

  2. I love the vibrancy of your work. Congratulations on your publication. I am also announcing my own publication - a book welcoming in Advent and all it means to so many. Stop by the blog and find more information. Actually, I'm switching gears a little and have two writing spaced presently: AND So many words and pictures and so little time. Happy Holiday season to you!

  3. This issue looks wonderful - its a great honour to be one of the artists featured - I'm certainly in very good company! and I really enjoyed the way you've created the colour pallets and highlighted the different artist's use of colour.
    Thanks Beverley & Margie.

  4. Ohhh Beverly congratulations on your new book.
    I'm gonna order it so it works out perfectly with the other two of yours. Think my mom will love it too.
    talk soon hugs Dagmar