Friday, November 16, 2012

Join Me for 1 Last Class!

As many of you know, I have taken a step back from teaching to focus on my family.
However, at the insistence of the lovely Carole Tripp of Creative Castle, I will be teaching in LA in February!

Come join me:
 February 7 (Thursday evening) Dip Into Color seminar

 February 8-9 (Friday/Saturday)  Wander with Color workshop

 Sunday (February 10) Trunk Show and individual Color Consultations!

February 10-11 (Sunday evening/Monday) A Day at the Beach workshop

Registration opens tomorrow –
Call (805) 499-1377 to reserve your spot!

I look forward to seeing you at
Creative Castle
Newbury Park, CA

A side note: based on a burglary in our home this week, and the loss of almost of my work, my personal pieces, my class samples, this will be the last venue I will teach. So even if you can’t join us for class, I hope you stop by to say hi and goodbye!


  1. Oh Beverly this is such sad news! Both that you got robbed & that you wont be teaching anymore :( I live in NH so I doubt I will make it to your last class in LA. i have always wanted to take classes from you, Margie Deeb & Lisa Kan.

    Have you heard anything about your jewelry? I certainly hope whoever did this gets caught,
    Best wishes..

    1. Erika,
      Thank you so much - one of these days I plan to pull together an eCourse for my Wander with Color class, so NH won't be so far away!

      No news yet on my jewelry, but I'm still looking!

  2. Hi Beverly, I am so sorry this is your last class. I hope you will reconsider. You have so much to offer to your students above and beyond your class samples. I saw you talk last year at a NVBS meeting. You are a great inspiration to people who want to go beyond their color comfort zone. I do hope that karma comes back to the thief who stole your jewelry. My best to you!