Sunday, July 27, 2014

Falling in Love with Scotland

Day 2:

The sun escorted us across Loch Ness and to the stunning ruins of Urquart Castle with it's raw stone walls and bits of grass and wild flowers clinging in the crevasses. I'm drawn to ruins, visual testaments of the battle for power and control.

The Scottish mist descended on us soon enough and all the rain gear came out for a lovely little walk to the shores of Loch Luanie.

Eilean Donan Castle rests like a jewel set into the intersection of three Lochs, it's long footbridge lending romance to the stark stone fortress. (The second photo emphasising the sky makes everything delightfully foreboding don't you think?

Then on to the Isle of Skye. Watery inlets and heather covered hills soaring up into peaks, peat stained streams cascading down the hillsides - this breathtaking island is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! Photos will come tomorrow when I've had a chance to recharge my camera batteries.

Always on the search for gluten, dairy, egg free pizza - found a winner at Cafesia in Broadford, Isle of Skye! Handmade gluten free crust, the chef tells me it is made from scratch with extra love when the order is placed.




  1. Hi Beverly - I'm so please you are falling in love with Scotland. It is second in my heart only to the Pacific Northwest. Continue to enjoy!

    Beth Atwood

  2. It isn't hard for me to imagine Scotland being perfectly suited to you...and feeling 'at home' there. So much fun getting little glimpses of your journey... Joie

  3. Pogoda tak samo demoniczna jak szkockie zamki.