Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scotland: From Skye to Thurso

Today is a day for shooting across the Highlands from the western islands to the north east point of mainland UK.

A last look over our shoulders at the Isle of Skye and our lovely hosts, Sally and Rob (and their kitty and dog) in the Art House.

We started out along the western coast along a 'highway', in this part of the world... but a one lane track to you and me, with little turnouts or 'Passing Places' every now and then. An hour or so of flying with the 60 mph traffic then coming to a dead stop to let oncoming cars and lorries pass, became a wee bit stressful. So we turned off the scenic route and headed north east across the country along the really big 2 lane road (center line optional) towards Inverness.

By happy chance we landed in Strathpeffer for lunch - a Victorian watering hole and town of stunning architecture.

The center and east coast of the Highlands are beautiful in a completely different way from the west. We passed through fields planted in wheat, castle ruins here and there, sheep farms, peat bogs, wind farms and hundreds of old stone croft houses in various stages of ruin.












  1. Love the lush rolling green and castle ruins dotted here and there...and that they embrace an old power source in a new way, much like WA state. Thanks for the visuals... - Joie

    1. I feel such a kinship with the Scottish Highlands and I know you would feel it too!

  2. I'm enjoying your travel blog! In 24 hours Thomas will be halfway to Britannia! - Amy