Thursday, July 31, 2014

White Sands in Northern Scotland

Anywhere else in the world, these beaches would be surrounded by hotels. But here in the northern most reaches of mainland UK a series of gem like beaches are desolate of people, the only other inhabitants, sheep and cows grazing on green meadows and restrained by cattle grates across foot paths leading down to the beige-white sand. Perhaps the howling wind and rain keep the crowds away. But those of us who don't mind a hearty display of weather, are treated to stunning views, crashing breakers, soft sand and entire beaches to ourselves.

The beaches are separated by green fields falling away to shear cliffs, a smattering of old houses, a village or two... All of it breathtaking!

Castletown was a center of flagstone excavation over a century ago and we wandered through the old buildings and gardens that still stand tribute to a time when flagstone was a prominent building material.

The beach was entirely made up of flagstone in all sizes, the greyed teal and rust tones similar to the slate in our home! Too bad about the 50 pound weight limit for our luggage...


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