Friday, August 1, 2014

When I say Scotland, You Say... Surfing?

Thurso Surf is touted as the world's most northern surf school by its founder, Andy Bain. Located in Thurso on Scotland's northern coastline, the frigid waters of the Northern Sea boast world renown waves drawing surfers and surfing competitions throughout the fall and winter.

Lucky for us, Dunnet Beach (just beyond Thurso) in July and August is blessed with perfect waves for learning. The kids were suited up in full body wetsuits and paddled out. Despite the cold water they were both sweating with the work out!

This marked our last adventure in the highlands and after a quick cup of tea with our hosts at the Pennyland House B&B, we headed down to the 'Lowlands', stopping for the night in the charming, albeit touristy, town of Pitlochry.

(Wellwood House, Our B&B in Pitlochry)








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