Tuesday, August 12, 2014

From Wordsworth to Gretna Green

Dipping back a century or two, our travels took us through the Lakes District. Peaks became higher and watery gems lay at the base of the valleys in between.

Nestled in a hillside is the home William Wordsworth. Wisteria lush over the doorway, a perfect transition between expansive, yet unassuming, gardens and a comfortable home with natural light pouring in. How could one resist the creative energy weaving through the rooms, especially up in his attic studio?

Then just across the Scottish border to Gretna Green - the scandalous 18th century destination for eloping couples (I think I was the only one of our group to have ever heard of it! Thanks to Jane Austin and Georgette Heyer...)














  1. I love it! The destination for Lydia Bennet and George Wickam -- dum da dum da!

    1. YES!! Can't believe the others of our group didn't know of it... Of course they probably don't watch / read Pride and Prejudice at least once every year!