Tuesday, August 12, 2014

London with a Dear Friend

Pen Pals for a decade, dear Kenda and I spent a day together, talking, laughing, ducking into museums and restaurants when the clouds opened up and wandering into hidden alleyways full of color when the sun came out!

A truly delightful day that whirled by too quickly.



  1. I love these fantastic views of London - I have never seen so much color! My own magical week there last summer was WAY too short. The grey photo of rooftop and clouds, with the Eye in the background, was the colorful image I remember most:). Thank you for sharing your joy!

    1. Sandy, It was truly a day of contrast, from really heavy, dramatic rain to streaks of sunshine. Luckily I was with a Londoner who knew all of the out of the way color spots!