Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kilts and Rain and the Fringe Festival

On to Edinburgh for only a day. Lovely, sandstone buildings stained dark from centuries of burning coal. Finally some kilts, but typical weather alternating from warm sunshine to pouring rain.

We happened to come in during the Fringe Festival, and streets lines with performers












  1. Oh my - this is the second time I have heard of the Fringe Festival. My cousin's daughter actually performed/is performing there! She is a rather risque young lady with a book just published, and her stand-up comedy routine is based on the material they had to cut. Hmmm. Mum's not exactly ecstatic, but she's following her dream. :)

    1. How hilarious! Yes, it is definitely a festival on and for the fringe!

  2. I wish I knew you were going to Edinburgh. My good friend lives there and loves giving tours!