Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bead Soups!

As many do, when I first started making jewelry, I tried stringing, wire work and patterned bead work. Even though the results were nice and sometimes quite elegant, the color was one-dimensional. I craved the ability to incorporate depth and flow of color. NanC Meinhardt turned me on to bead soups in 2002 and I immediately fell in love! The sheer fun of mixing colors together, the challenge of creating color palettes that glow and the endless possibilities for working with bead soups has captured me - a perfect blend of left and right brain activities. And the great thing is - anyone can do it!

I teach numerous classes using bead soups and some specifically on working with color. Eye For Color was designed as a tool to help students work with color and pull together exciting color combinations. And Tonia Davenport of North Light Books/ F&W Publications approached me a year ago asking me to write a book on color, bead soups and freeform bead weaving. Beaded Colorways: Freeform Beadweaving Projects and Palettes is slated to be in book stores January 2010. My goal in my books, classes and interspersed throughout this blog is to share what I have learned. I hope that you will find beauty and inspiration in what I have to share and that your own creativity will soar!

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  1. Just looking at photos of your Bead Soups is inspiring me so I imagine this book is going to be wonderful.